FairShares Institute Course ‘Introduction to the FairShares Model’ goes live.

The proposed institute will provide specialised courses for people who wish to learn about cooperative social entrepreneurship. This will contribute to the United Nations Global Compact and its programme of sustainable development goals (SDGs). The HEIF project contributed to the development of a number of partnerships to advance education on cooperative social entrepreneurship. These partnerships arose out of relationships we have developed with pioneers in this field: the Co‑operative College (Manchester, UK) and Social Enterprise International Ltd (North Yorkshire, UK).

Two important income streams for the future of the institute will be the MBA/PgC Cooperative Leadership and Social Entrepreneurship, and the Mondragon International Experience Programme.

MBA/PgC Cooperative Leadership and Social Entrepreneurship

The Sheffield Hallam MBA/PgC in Cooperative Leadership and Social Entrepreneurship is designed to help people build their skills, knowledge and experience in the management and development of cooperative and social enterprises. The PgC provides a progression path to either the full Executive MBA at Sheffield Business School or the Master of Management: Cooperatives and Credit Unions at Sobey School of Business (Saint Mary’s University, Halifax, Canada).

This HEIF project supported delivery of a Co-operative Executive Education Programme with the Co-operative Management Education Programme at Sobey School and Co-operative College (Manchester). We have also progressed the validation of awards that will be hosted by Sheffield Business School (SBS) and co-delivered with the Co-operative College and Sobey School. This three-way partnership provides a unique offer: the first social entrepreneurship programme to fully integrate the co-operative economy into its curriculum, and work with cooperative movement leaders to deliver a blended-learning experience.

Mondragon International Experience Programme


During this HEIF project we also hosted the Mondragon International Experience Programme twice (Feb – April, Oct – Nov). This programme continues. Students from a cooperative university in the Basque region of Spain (Mondragon) attend Sheffield Hallam for a six week study programme (“Mutuality, Sustainability and the Social Economy”). This forms part of their Business Studies degree at Mondragon University and comprises lectures, field trips and cultural visits organised by SBS with Cooperative College and Mondragon University. We have signed an Erasmus Exchange agreement with Mondragon University to support this work. We plan to run the study programme annually from 2018.

We are now negotiating a second study programme with the Social Enterprise Academy in Nigeria.

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