Topic outline

  • Introduction to Train the Trainer

    This course is designed for people who have completed the course Introduction to the FairShares Model (Certified FairShares Practitioners) and/or Introduction to FairShares Social Auditing Course course (Certified FairShares Social Auditors) who want to develop their careers as managers, trainers or coaches in a FairShares Lab and become a Certified FairShares Professional.

    The course is designed as part of a professional qualification (with tutor support throughout). It is suitable for entrepreneurs, managers and educators seeking to create, support and develop a physical or virtual FairShares Lab in which the FairShares Model is applied to co-operative development projects.

    Upon successful completion, you will become a Certified FairShares Trainer (subject to passing the final assessment).

    This course counts towards Certified FairShares Professional status.

    It includes thirteen sessions that are studied in three blocks (or three days) of a structured course, or through online study activities. By the end of the course, you will have reviewed and critically assessed skills and knowledge required to create, support and develop a FairShares Lab and will have applied FairShares values and principles to co-operative development.

    Target Groups

    • Social entrepreneurs, co-operative development professionals and social enterprise managers who want to establish a FairShares Lab in their city, region or country.
    • Enterprise educators and management consultants seeking to apply the FairShares Model in university and professional development courses.

    Learning Goals

    The course has three learning goals which reflect the three days of the course:

    • To raise enterprise educators' awareness of the skills they have or need to develop to provide support to members of a FairShares Labs (Day 1)
    • To deepen learners' knowledge of the Methodology for Creating a FairShares Lab so that it can be adapted and tailored to specific contexts (Day 2)
    • To enhance and deepen learners' knowledge of applying the FairShares Model during the support and development of FairShares enterprises (Day 3).

    Learning Methods

    Action learning through a structured interactive course of study:

    • Self- and Group- study based on downloadable learning activities
    • Critical review of videos and learning materials
    • Customisation of existing learning materials 
    • Critical discussion and experiential learning through group learning techniques 
    • Creation of materials to support learning and teaching 

    This course supports online self-study and face-to-face cohorts studying together.


    The schedule of sessions/lessons is included in Lesson Plan 1.

  • 01 - Introduction

    Welcome to the 'Train the Trainer' course for FairShares Labs (FSL). In this first session, you will learn about the nature of the course.

    Learning objective

    • To know what the expectations are of being an FSL trainer.

    Watch this Introduction by Professor Rory Ridley-Duff

    Video 1_ from KOPF, HAND + FUSS on Vimeo.

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  • 02 - Undertaking an initial self-assessment

    This part of the course begins a process of reviewing your skills and abilities as a trainer.

    Learning objective

    To identify what kind of FairShares Labs trainer you are

  • 03 - Discovering your orientation on adult learning

    In this session, you will fill out a questionnaire to investigate your orientation as an adult educator.

    Learning objectives

    • To identify your strong and weak points as a FairShares Lab trainer
    • To understand and navigate the complexities of learning styles and adult learning.

  • 04 - Giving an overview of a FairShares Lab

    In this session, we set out the elements of a FairShares Lab and provide an overview of the challenges in delivering each element.

    Learning objectives 

    • To understand the elements of FairShares Labs
    • To be able to navigate and explain FairShares Model V3.0a

  • 05 - Undertaking a final self-assessment

    To complete Part 1 of the course, you now undertake a self-assessment of your learning needs and establish your own follow-up learning goals.

    Learning objective

    • To measure progress in learning about FairShares Labs and being a FairShares trainer

  • 06 - Attracting and motivating people for FairShares

    In Part 2 of the course, we delve deeper into the arguments for FairShares, and the teaching/learning methods you can use to generator and incubate ideas.

    This lesson contains an assessment activity that you will add to your submission portfolio.

    Learning objective

    • To be able to explain the value and relevance of FairShares to ensure participant engagement

  • 07 - Introducing the FairShares Platform

    In this session, participants get an introduction to the FairShares Platform (an interactive web resource).

    Professor Rory Ridley-Duff explains the FairShares Platform

    Video 2_ from KOPF, HAND + FUSS on Vimeo.

    Learning objective

    • To enable participants to register and familiarise themselves with the FairShares Platform

  • 08 - Running an ideas workshop

    FairShares Labs have three types of workshop. In this session, you plan how to deliver the first type - a workshop to generate project ideas.

    This lesson contains an assessment activity that you will add to your submission portfolio.

    Learning objective

    • To learn how to facilitate ideas about the creation of FairShares enterprises in a FairShares Lab

  • 09 - Finding projects and inviting stakeholders

    Having generated ideas, you can register them as potentially viable projects.  In this session, you find projects and invite others to develop them with you.

    Professor Rory Ridley-Duff explains the ownership of ideas

    Video 3_ from KOPF, HAND + FUSS on Vimeo.

    Learning objective

    • To support Lab members so they can engage different stakeholders in their projects through the FairShares Platform

  • 10 - Introducing the FairShares Planner and Canvass

    Now you have a project on the FairShares Platform, how can you work with people to incubate the idea?

    Professor Rory Ridley-Duff explains the FairShares Planner and Canvass

    Video 4 from KOPF, HAND + FUSS on Vimeo.

    Learning objective

    • To support people as they come to know and use tools available for FairShares enterprise incubation and planning

  • 11 - Running an incubation workshop

    In this session, you will plan the techniques and processes needed to run effective incubation activities.

    This lesson contains an assessment activity that you will add to your submission portfolio.

    Learning objectives

    • Further evaluate FairShares Learning and Development techniques
    • Set up a programme for an incubator workshop

  • 12 - Running a planning workshop

    Now you have generated and incubated your FairShares ideas, how will you complete your plan?

    This lesson contains an assessment activity that you will add to your submission portfolio.

    Learning objective

    • To be able to facilitate a group working to finalise a FairShares plan

  • 13 - Realisation of the FairShares Plan

    Now you have students with completed FairShares Plans, how can you support them to turn their FairShares Plan into a social enterprise plan?

    Learning objective

    • To be able to facilitate the process of pitching, prototyping, looking for professional advice and creating a pathway to complete the start-up/conversion process.

  • 14 - Final Course Evaluation and Assessment

    Please fill out this survey to evaluate the course [URL TBC] you have just taken.

    Course Assessment

    If you have studied for pleasure, the course is now over.  Congratulations on finishing the course.

    If you have studied to become a Certified FairShares Trainer, then you need to create a submission containing four elements of your learning (a portfolio). You will also need to pay an examination fee to cover the cost of a member of FairShares Association Ltd assessing your work.

    Please submit:

    1) A document that combines the Learning Activities you designed in Lessons 8 (Ideas Workshop), 11 (Incubation Workshop) and 12 (Planning Workshop).  This document should contain.

    2) The URL to the video/presentation you created and uploaded to a website using materials in Lesson 6 ("The Relevance of FairShares"). If you created only a presentation, an accessible DropBox or GoogleDoc URL link will be sufficient.

    Guidance: Combine the three learning activity documents into a single Word document, then add a cover page that contains:

    1. Your full name
    2. The email you used to register for this course
    3. The URL to your "Relevance of FairShares" video/presentation.

    Page 1 of your submission should have your name, course email address and video/presentation URL. The remainder of your submission should contain your learning activities for idea, incubator and planning workshops.

    Your submission will be examined within 6 weeks of paying the examiners' fee of £295 (an invoice will be sent to you after submission).

    If you pass, you will be awarded a Certified FairShares Trainer badge (no additional cost). You will be eligible to apply for a PDF and/or Print Certificate (at additional cost) that you can use to prove your involvement in this CPD activity.