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This course provides an opportunity for anyone interested in the FairShares Model to explore and apply it to their work. In addition to exploring values and principles, key questions, approaches to learning (and decision-making), students will use a range of FairShares auditing and diagnostic tools to gather information needed to develop a plan for a FairShares enterprise. In the final stages of the course, students will learn how to use a FairShares Canvass to prepare for the creation of a new social enterprise and generate a draft constitution for a new FairShares company, cooperative, partnership or association.

Target Groups

  • Entrepreneurs seeking to (re)design a social enterprise for multiple stakeholders.
  • Enterprise educators wishing to encourage the study of multi-stakeholder social enterprise

Complete this course to become a Certified FairShares Practitioner (and receive a badge you can add to your stationery).

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